RWT Horizons is primarily focused on seed and early-stage financial and real estate technology companies. Investments made through RWT Horizons are designed to support companies whose technologies are accretive to our businesses.

Our residential and business purpose lending platforms provide us with deep insights into housing finance and real estate. We offer entrepreneurs direct access to our ecosystem along with flexible financing solutions.

An enhanced tenant screening tool that allows landlords to more effectively screen tenants.

visit rent butter

A turnkey property management platform that offers easy online rent payment and much more.

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An innovative blockchain technology company that aims to tokenize the mortgage ecosystem.

visit liquid mortgage

A tech company that delivers lifestyle concierge services to multifamily properties across the U.S.

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An equity partner to homeowners who want to unlock capital without having to sell their homes.

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A seamless way for rental property owners to exchange their property for shares in a portfolio of homes.

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A data-powered platform for property owners to make better decisions on tenant renewals and pricing.

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A tech platform that provides due diligence and quality control for secondary mortgage markets.

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Purchases homes and leases them back, allowing sellers to tap into equity without having to move.

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A technology firm that leverages imagery, AI and NLP to personalize the home buying experience.

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Residential rental marketplace that is the leader in rental inventory*

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3D design tool and modeling platform that automates construction documents and helps modernize architechs’ workflows.*

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An insurtech company that quantifies climate and weather risk through AI-powered projections of asset-level losses from hurricane wind and flood.

An insurtech platform that provides a security deposit replacement solution for tenants and landlords.

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A US-regulated alternative trading system authorized to allow its subscribers to trade digital (blockchain) securities and make payment in digital cash (stable coin).

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A marketplace for tokenized home equity investments using blockchain.

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Powerful cloud-based software to engage your teams and manage your most valuable real estate projects.

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Research and product lab building general AI

visit Adept

A next-generation closing and payments platform for real estate transactions.

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A technology and marketplace platform that unlocks homeowner engagement for mortgage servicers

A platform that transforms the connected experience for residents of multifamily buildings by providing smart, instant-on, internet service over a unified network infrastructure.

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Freemodel is a pre-sales renovation provider that plans, manages, and pays upfront for home improvement. Sellers reimburse Freemodel out of escrow when their homes sell.

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Bonus enables homeowners to sell their home without missing out on its future worth.

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Building trust in construction finance

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*Investment made through Redwood’s partnership with Frontiers Capital.